I would like to say a huge thank you to Kris, Andrew and any other staff at Main Stage Cases. I spent quite a bit of time doing research on a flight case for my beloved ukulele. I had seen Main Stage online but had not heard much about them, so I was unsure. My local dealer Folkway Music highly recommended them and pushed the fact that they were made in Canada, a big plus for me. Thanks Folkway!

Main Stage impressed me immensely. They were easy to get in touch with; Kris answered a billion questions that I had. They truly are a custom shop. Got a particular colour in mind? They can probably do it. They have so many colour and custom options available as standard on their cases.

The fit is perfect. It is a beautiful thing! And I was interested in a design option that allowed me to incorporate a humidifier and hygrometer in the main body compartment. Andrew took this as a build challenge and came up with some great looking recessed regions in the lid. They also added extra d-loops for backpack straps at no extra charge.

I take my ukulele everywhere and I’ve always had anxiety about it getting damaged. My primary motivation to make the substantial investment in a flight case was that it would offer me piece of mind. I am not worried about my uke getting damaged in this case. I tested the concept when I got the case by standing on it (I weigh about 230 lbs). It flexed minimally and was totally fine.

Thanks so much Main Stage Cases!